1:1 swiss made fake IWC Aquatimer Chrono Men’s watches online review


The replica IWC Aquatimer Chrono watches company always do things in different ways. First, the company is not based on an old Swiss family Jura mountains or Vall ¨ epou Joux remote mountain. On the contrary, it is an American entrepreneurs from Boston, Johnson, popular in Europe in 1868 he set up shop in the Rhine. Since then, the characteristic of the organization is diving watches, thousands of meters from the use of titanium metal shell material of the deep level, to create a completely for mine clearance diver magnetic watch, to introduce simulation depth gauge complex function. Launched in 2009, the modern Aquatimer diving watches the continuation of the tradition they create a powerful tool to watch.

Men IWC Aquatimer Chrono is really the last generation of copy IWC Aquatimer watches a starting point, it is a beautiful and much-loved internal rotating bezel but not practical. New Aquatimers around solid, solid table circle can use wet hands or simply a gloved hand set, it has a light sapphire, under the condition of darkness lit the torch of as is well known. On both sides of the strip, dome very angular lugs for Aquatimer serious family resemblance. Neat timing clock dial is clearly visible underwater and the upper, the palm is wide, tag, the lack of unnecessary words. Built-in quality is, in fact, often appear and proven Valjoux 7750 a form of movement, disappointingly watch snob but within the watch is very suitable for finish the work in a reliable way.

Aquatimer Chronograph includes three options – the band drawing three connecting rod steel strap, rubber strap and hook ring divers watch belt. Because of the innovation of the IWC quick release system does not require any tools, so change the band is really easy. Push a spring type TAB within the band, will be released in the dial. Uncomfortable at the beginning, the machine safe and very practical. Use rubber or Velcro diving and bracelet to replace it with any dinner. Obviously, the lack of the spring rod hole and carry means that you can only use the AAA IWC replica bind options, but they have already covered all the bases, and you will not be forgotten.

As the depth of “race” in the diving watches world constantly downward spiral (now 1000 meters waterproof is common), the cheap fake IWC Aquatimer Chrono watches ranking is only 120 meters. Even if it is exactly the same thick box are used, and because of the timing clock Aquatimer can safely dropped to 2000 meters. Obvious main difference is that timing clock in case there are two additional holes for the driver. But the depth of the IWC ranking is not to boast privilege but to real life and the functional sex of the timing clock button lower level of full depth, it is far better than the divers basically is much more profound. In order to consistent with its roots, Aquatimer Chronograph continue to maintain the status of the IWC, used to make strong and elegant watch, can withstand the use in real life.

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