AAA IWC Portugieser Perpetual Calendar Tourbillon Edition 150 Years Replica

The technical basis of the campaign is Portugieser Tourbillon Mystere Retrograde, which uses a base core from the 51,900 series. Most importantly, the IWC replica watches uses its classic calendar module, which is known to have a perfectly proportioned collection of large diameters and displays dates, dates, months, moons, four-digit years and power reserves. Classic and proven. However, since the Calibre 51950, which is equipped with the watch, is equipped with the flying tourniquet at 12am, the moon phase is usually placed there and must be repositioned in June, in the sub-dial reserved for this month. In fact, if you look at most QPS on the market, it sounds almost natural.

The 150-year dial from the IWC Portugieser Perpetual Calendar has no compactness other than a number of indications (nine in all), retaining the signature elements of the series: readability, stylized Arabic numerals, time and minutes for railway minutes and leaf hands. In this version, the IWC Replica Swiss Movement integrates the newly developed lacquer dial, which will appear in all tables in this anniversary series. Made of multilayer translucent lacquer, polished flat and brushed and printed several times to get a 3D effect on the index and track, the dial feels like antique enamel, with a glossy surface and surprising depth. These are delightful, elegant, and well behaved watches that really bring new elements to this series.

The Portugieser Perpetual Calendar frisbee is a 45mm 18K red gold watch case from the usual Portugieser design — a large case, thin ring, slender but curved ear and recently updated box sapphire. One of the features of this version is that the pointer is blue steel and does not match the previous situation – mention the antique  cheap IWC replica watches again. On the wrist, not surprisingly, this version looks a lot like a Portugieser, big and pretty heavy, but This is all from Portugieser.

As for this 150-year version of the top swiss IWC replica watch Perpetual Calendar flywheel, our core is 51,950. Based on the same core as the tuofeier retrograde, it shares its automatic winding-up system, and seven days of power storage (168 hours) is due to double barrels. The core is regulated by a one-minute flywheel (cantilever from the main board, with no bridge at the top) and operates at an abnormal frequency of 2.75hz or 19,800 VPH.

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