Best IWC Ingenieur Chronograph replica watches online

Fake IWC Ingenieur Chronograph‘s “mercedes-benz 50th anniversary edition” (reference IW380902) is a 250mm limited-edition titanium anti-shock chronometer with a bright white dial. Although gold may be better suited to the top 50, titanium seems more natural to the AMG and Ingenieur elite.

The width is 44.3 mm, and the thickness is about 15.9 mm. This is a large wristwatch, which can be said to be even bigger than the number. Although 16 mm for automatic timing clock with magnetic protection functions is not crazy, but IWC replica watches back shape to raise most of the watch from his wrist, makes feel more vast. In other words, if your wrist is larger or more likely to favor a larger watch, AMG will be perfect for Ingenieur.

The dial design is conservative, but I have long been fond of a white dial with a black accent, which is a good example of the AMG, which can move between white and bright silver. Its basic layout is made up of black dates, red timer measurements and full flying lightning seconds.

The car – themed watch design is on a very fine line, and it is often seen that the car is in conflict with the normal goal of a readable watch. With AMG, I think the IWC Replica Swiss Movement does a good job, making sure that the design still plays the role of the watch, and that the combination of the car is exquisite. As the timing chart, the layout is busy but very clear, the dial feels balanced and provides additional car inspiration through the large two-digit minute mark.

With IWC 89361, AMG is a 12 hour counter – excitation chronometer. The copy IWC replica watches automatic internal action takes a 4 Hz frequency action and provides 68 hours of power reserve. Although the AMG has a display cabinet, the movement is invisible. As an engineer, it is expected to be anti-magnetic, and the inner shell of the AMG, which is called Ingenieur, is made of soft iron. The back of the sapphire screen shows an element of the protective inner shell that makes it look like a carbon ceramic brake disc on the Mercedes AMG model.

It’s completely subjective, but I like that, and if you’ve never turned your watch over, you don’t know it has to do with car brands. The $11,800 price of the AMG, which costs $11,800, won’t be the idea of most people for the ideal engineer, especially when it gives up the classic Genta case. But, and coffee from the car to the amateur track to truly incredible world of formula one, the IWC Ingenieur Chronograph Sport replica watches Edition “the 50th anniversary of the mercedes-benz” may simply be a member of the 250 Mercedes AMG fans.


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