Best quality and luxury fake IWC Ingenieur watches from China

Now the Ingenieur collection is back with a sleek bezel. Like SL, the luxury cheap IWC replica watch is available in steel, titanium and gold. All three versions are limited editions. Timetables are also great as an additional feature, further enhancing the usefulness of Ingenieur. Lacking a 1950s predecessor, the model presents its designers with even more daunting challenges. At first glance, the new Ingenieur looks eternally elegant, with angle-calibrated Angle flanges, wide bezels and a grey sunlit dial. Ingenieur’s engineering look comes into play, drawing indexes between two and three digits and adding zero to the left of the unit number on the small dial. Even the date has a leading zero. The use of red on certain scales and tips of chronograph and second hand adds a sense of movement.

Only the light brown luminescent material and the saddle stitched leather strap evoke the upholstery of car seats, conveying a retro look. Car reference was deliberate: our top swiss IWC replica watch was named after Rudolf Caracciola, the race car driver. He was born in 1901 and even drove his parents’ Mercedes – knight before he got his driver’s license at 15. Since 1926, he has won numerous grands prix and sports car RACES behind Mercedes’ wheels, and is one of the highest levels of his era. A successful racing driver.

It is only when you look closely at our test watches that you notice that their baton hands with luminous points on the outside end and double points at 12 track their lineage to the first engineer. Some of the earliest Ingenieurs also had some pointed conducting bone-shaped hands. The case of the polished surface and satin finish is also similar to the first Ingenieur case (reference 666). All in all,IWC Replica Swiss Movement designers have created a nice watch, but the design isn’t exactly vintage. The case is too high and the bezel tilts down too steeply to be a wool vintage watch. The newcomer has a diameter of 42 millimeters. The case of our test version of “Rudolf Caracciola” is made of steel.

The second feature of the car is the newly designed Calibre 69370 chronograph, which is used for the first time. Why is IWC developing the second automatic on-chain chronograph movement? The surprising answer: so the brand was able to offer cheaper timetables that included manufacturing levels. Ahead of its debut, the international watch offered a chronograph table including Calibre Valjoux 7750 (provided by ETA), which IWC says is “” Calibre 79xxx” “. The watches cost about $5,800. A watch with cheap fake IWC watches own timepiece, Calibre 89xxx, costs about $11,000: nearly twice that. Our test watch retails for $7,150. The new movements are higher, so they are the same size as the Valjoux 7750, which means the new IWC manometer will be able to replace the Valjoux in the future without any major problems.

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