Cheap high quality IWC Pallweber – fake IWC watches

One of the company’s most famous early IWC watches, produced in the late 19th century, is the number display pocket watch, called Pallweber. The Pallweber pocket watch was named after the Austrian watchmaker Josef Pallweber, who in 1883 patented the invention and granted it to the IWC. (he then licensed the design to other Swiss producers, but IWC Pallwebers is probably the best known). Since 1885, the IWC has produced only the Pallweber pocket watch, but it was initially very popular, but after just a few years, the market seems to have grown tired of the novelty and the production stopped in 1887. Due to the short production cycle, they are also the most valuable products in the early IWC replica watches. Now, for the first time, the IWC will provide the clock and minute display as a watch – revolutionary – and is being offered as a watch by the IWC.

The original Pallweber pocket watch used a machine core with a unique split cock for the third and fourth wheels – one of the IWC’s so-called “Elgin” cores. The name is a bit of a mystery, and it clearly has nothing to do with Elgin and watches, but the IWC has not found any reason for the name being selected from the records of this era.

Pallweber’s wristwatch version you see here is quite real in size and in its pocket watch series; Diameter 45mm, but also relatively thin at 12mm. The movement is, of course, made by the IWC Replica Swiss Movement; It is new the IWC 94200 type machine, running speed is 28800 VPH, power reserve is quite good, 60 hours power reserve (due to the energy consumption of jump time, impressive). The case is red gold and the dial is white; Worldwide production is limited to 250 units.

The only other three sets of jumping and minute copy IWC replica watches I know are Lange&SohneZeitwerk, a more complex structure, including a remontoire d ‘egalite to help ensure constant torque. Zeitwerk is also a smaller watch than Paallweber, with a diameter of 41.9 millimeters (it’s slightly thicker than Pallweber, but with a thickness of 12.6mm). In terms of performance, the biggest difference between Pallweber and Zeitwerk is power storage: Zeitwerk 36 hours, Pallweber 60 hours. Part of the reason may be remonotoire d ‘egalite need to get some from the balance of the lowest energy to roll up Raymond, springs, and Zeitwerk suspend operation will be in 36 minutes will you cut off, and not let you enter the clockwork spring no longer winding part of the mainspring of the power curve.


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