IWC 50 Years Aquatimer Replica Swiss Movement Hands-On

The IWC has just announced the Aquatimer calendar’s digital calendar, the 50-year Aquatimer, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the IWC Aquatimer replica watches. The anniversary edition is complicated for divers’ watches and is one of the most complex Aquatimers in the current series. It is also a delivery vehicle for IWC Ceratanium, a new type of titanium alloy that combines the advantages of titanium and ceramic shells.

50 Years Aquatimer uses IWC Calibre 89802; This is a digital representation of a month and date with two Numbers and a calendar indicating a digital leap year. This is also a chronometer, the hour and minute accumulator combined on a small dial at 12:00. The calendar is generally not considered to be a particularly complex function for sports watches, but the digital configuration used by the watch is undoubtedly more suitable for this application than other traditional calendar designs. 50 s another notable feature of Aquatimer is wrist watch and the history of the IWC Replica Swiss Movement ceramic watch case or titanium watchcase innovators are watchcase material: the IWC call Ceratanium, it is a kind of titanium alloy, after high temperature treatment, developed the ceramic coating.

The manufacturing process is obviously different from that used for steel casing, but completely different from that used for pure ceramic shell. In an interview with WorldTempus, Lorenz Brunner, IWC’s director of materials development, described some of the challenges and differences between pure ceramic and Ceratanium shells.”Ceratanium is based on a titanium alloy specially produced by the top swiss IWC replica watch. We make all the metal parts, milling, turning, drilling and polishing, until the final shape is reached, and then we put the parts in the oven. The special composition of titanium alloy induces the diffusion process, and the material surface is transformed into ceramics. ”

The 50 years Aquatimer retails for $46,800. For most of us, may not be a big news watch itself, like a new case material, in a purely utilitarian Aquatimers (IWC think maybe) will see it is very interesting. Clock in Aquatimer fiftieth anniversary of the ticking, IWC seems increasingly unlikely to do any real example to this series to mark the occasion, but before 2018, see the company more things can let a person feel wonderful.Although Aquatimer didn’t continue other divers watch production, but over the years it still is widely applied in field, and become the copy IWC replica watches the important instrument of part of a larger narrative, and personally, I very want to be able to see meaningful related things Under the background of the narrative in the Aquatimer for this occasion.

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