IWC Portugieser Chronograph Edition 150 Years Ref. 3716

One of the most iconic watches in the IWC replcia watches universal watch has been in the series since its launch: the 1990s Portugieser Chronograph Automatic (reference no. 3714), its 41mm diameter shell, ultra-clean dial, instantly recognizable design and 7777750-something that is relatively affordable based on motion. The watch, familiar to most watch lovers, has changed today – in some ways, but in others only a few. But the truth is, that’s what we want.

It hasn’t changed much in design. There are still reasons why collectors love the watch. The case is the same, with a thin ring and large dial opening, the same polishing and drawing surface, the same dial layout, the same font, the same overall size and the same hand In fact, it’s the same watch except the dial.In fact, as part of the jubilee series, this new top swiss IWC replica watches Portugieser chronometer is a 150-year reference. The 3716 relies on the same lacquer dial as other series. Two classic and elegant colors will be available: blue, with white print Numbers and rhodium-plated Pointers (reference number IW371601) or white, and black print Numbers and blue Pointers (reference number IW371602). Both are limited to 2,000 units – we expect them to run out soon.

Lacquer dial is the result of complex production process, because it requires separate and polished layers to obtain this excellent milky white and rich gloss effect. As a result, the watches look almost like enamel. The blue version is particularly attractive in metals and has a rich, shiny surface. A small difference from the classic 3714 is the number, not the relief but the paint. As you can see, traditional monitors still exist, with 12-minute 30-minute timers, six-minute microseconds and no date. However, exercise is different.

Previously, cheap IWC replica watches giportueser chronometer has a 79350 core, a 7750 architecture based automatic chronograph that hides behind a regular cover. Portugieser Chronograph Edition 150 Years Ref. 3716, universal watch launched a new core, the core 69355, this time through the bottom cover visible. This core is based on the same integrated/cylinder wheel structure used by Ingenieur 2016. The new chronograph core was designed and developed with ValFleurier (richemont’s manufacturing facility) as the brand’s new entry-level chronograph. More details on the movement in this in-depth article.

It is a more noble building with pillar wheels and integrated automatic chain mechanism. It’s a relatively simple but powerful sport. It has a frequency of 4Hz and a power reserve of 46 hours. Even fully industrialized decorations are relatively pleasant. The IWC Replica Swiss Movement also allows the maintenance of available price points. In a word, this iconic wrist watch from IWC Portugieser Chronograph Edition 150 Years Ref has been greatly developed. 3716, but mostly mechanical. All in all, this is a good move, given that many lovers love the classic and introverted design of Portugieser Chrono (and we do too).

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