Reviewing Luxury IWC Pilot’s Watch Automatic Spitfire Replica Watch

When top swiss IWC replica watches made its debut in 2019, it set up a new series of Spitfire in its pilot watch series. The automatic winding movement of the new movement of the 32000 series made its debut in the Pilot Watch Spitfire automatic case.

Pilot’s Watch Spitfire Automatic Replica Watch

The name “Spitfire” first appeared in the millennium, and best IWC replica watch began producing a series of pilot watches named after the legendary aircraft in 2003. Its shallow dial is considered “a more elegant mark”, but after the 14th generation of the classic pilot watch, it was named Mark XV.

The eye-catching pilot’s dial is also adapted from this luxury replica watch. It “speaks” in the design vocabulary of classic pilot watches: pure instrument design, strong black and white contrast, neat minute scales, easy-to-read hour numbers, large lanceolate hands, and a triangle instead of the number 12.

The triangle with two dots on both sides is borrowed from historical perfect replica pilots’ watches. In the dark cockpit, it ensures-and always guarantees-that the pointer direction of the watch is better. The beige coating of this triangle is the nostalgia on the dial. For quarter hour, quarter hour and three quarter hour, the same beige and nostalgia reappear on the two main hands and three index lines. On the other hand, the bright green luminosity of the hour and minute hands and the coating on the four indexes is a characteristic of IWC pilot watches, which can be traced back to at least Mark 11.

The green textile belt, lined with leather, seems to refer to this kind of aerial adventure around the earth. The strap is inspired by the color code of the old fighter, so that the cheap replica watch is always worn on the wearer’s wrist-reliable, stylish and unique.