Top swiss IWC Pilot’s replica watches from China online

In December 1896, IWC sold this pockebre watch with 14k gold watch case and IWC made Calibre 53 core (no official reference number) to a. Kohler, an top swiss IWC replica watch retailer in leipzig, Germany. Another German, Albert lott, inherited his father’s watch in 1916. Over the next few years, watches and their owners in Saxony and Berlin witnessed many of the 20th century’s milestones. The watch still works with high precision.

IWC began to focus on the production of technologically advanced watches, specialized in aviation, and became a real pioneer in this field. Advances in aviation and navigation have created a growing demand for watches that provide maximum reliability under the worst conditions. In the 1930s, the managing director of the IWC, Jakob Homberger (1869-1955), had two sons who loved aviation very much. In 1936, they decided to produce the first “aviator watch” of the IWC. The watch consists of Caliber 83, with anti-crushing crystals, high-contrast hands and Numbers, a rotating dial with an index, and a short-time recording and anti-magnetic escapement device. It is also highly resistant to temperature fluctuations, ranging from minus 40 degrees Celsius to plus 40 degrees Celsius.

In response to the UK government’s product requirements, the IWC has developed a service watch for RAF pilots. The royal air force has strict technical regulations, including the need to protect movement from magnetic fields. Production of the legendary fake IWC Mark 11 and Calibre 89 began in 1948. In November 1949, the watch was provided to airborne personnel from the royal air force and other commonwealth countries and remained in service until 1981.

Forty-eight years after the launch of legendary mark 11, IWC introduced the IWC pilot chronometer (IW3740) with its pilot wrist watch tradition. In 1994, IWC introduced another fake IWC Pilot Watch Chronograph (Ref) designed specifically for modern aviation. 3705), equipped with a high-tech zirconia ceramic case – this material is as hard as sapphire and almost indestructible. Its motion aperture is 7922.

Also in 1994, the pilot’s Watch Mark XII (Ref). IW3241) successfully adopted Mark 11 as a new contemporary version after a long and in-depth discussion by the IWC replica watches management. The decision made it impossible for collectors to obtain any original work on the market, giving them a chance to have a modern version of the iconic timepiece. Although the watch’s design was inspired by its predecessor, its equipment (including a Calibre A8842), a screw-in crown, a date display and convex sapphire glass) is very modern.

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