Top swiss IWC Portugieser replica watches review

The IWC’s naming rules are a bit confusing here, but the watch is powered by a 59215 machine, an internal manual chain with eight days of power reserve. Like the original Portuguese watch, the watch is designed to shrink the internal movement. The 59215 machine is again the core of 37.8mm (17 ligne), so it fills the gap in the watch, and there is no interval or dead zone when viewed from the huge sapphire window at the back of the watch. In terms of architecture, there is no real connection between the movement and the original pocket-sized version used in the first generation of fake IWC Portugieser watches, but the same size is a blessing in any case.

One thing that unites the Jubilee series is the handling of the dial and hand. In the case of a hand injury, this means a bright white lacquer dial and blue steel hand. The lacquerware was designed to simulate the iconic 18th-century enamel of the IWC Replica Swiss Movement, and I had to say it was an excellent job. Multi – layer painted bright, almost damp appearance. Many people, including HODINKEE’s headquarters, asked me if I was enameled when I saw my watch on my wrist for the first time. Considering how expensive the enamel dial of this diameter is, I think paint is a great choice, presenting a truly visually rich look.


One of the best things about white paint is how great the glossy black prints are. The iconic Portugieser style is rich in Arabic numerals, and the outer railway style is well fixed. There is a gentle countersink in the 6 o ‘clock dash, and you can really notice it when the IWC replica watches catches the light. This is one of the things that makes me smile again and again in my watch. This is a small detail, but it adds a lot of bigger pictures.

Blue steel hand is also the perfect choice for this watch. Previous versions of the wrist had metal hands that matched metal shells, and they were always a little flashy for me. Blue is intense, bringing another dimension to the dial. Without these special hands, I don’t think the watch can be a whole, but for them it’s really a song.

There’s a date window at three o ‘clock, which may upset some purists, but it doesn’t bother me. Could a copy IWC watch be better without a date? Of course, I prefer that. But the size of the window and the number of Numbers are in stock, and your eyes won’t be attracted to the date unnecessarily when you check it.

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