What happens when the IWC Replica Watches always stops?

Watches are often worn on the hands of a variety of failures, of which the replica watch does not go is a relatively common problem. For universal automatic mechanical IWC Aquatimer Replica watches, malfunctions are usually caused by improper use. Today BESTWATCHES.IO will introduce to you the reason why the IWC REPLICA Watch is always not going.

when the IWC Replica Watches always stops?

  1. The rusting of machine core is harmful to mechanical REPLICA watches.

Mechanical replica watches are made up of many precise parts, so long as the parts are slightly rusted, the watches will not travel correctly.

When the rust is serious, the wheel resistance of the replica watch core will increase, which will lead to stop

2.The drying up of the oil will also stop the IWC replica.

When the watches oil dries up, the increase of dust and foreign bodies will lead to the increase of the resistance of the watches wheel train. In serious cases, the replica watches will stop.

3.Faults such as gear misalignment or hairspring breakage can also lead to faults such as mechanical replica watches.

The automatic mechanical replica watch is wound up by the rotation of the pendulum wheel, and the rotation of the pendulum wheel is rotated by the swing of the wrist.

Therefore, it is necessary to wear a watch for no less than 8 hours a day and have a certain amount of wrist movement in order to provide enough power for the replica watch.

However, if the wearer is not active frequently, the watch will be in a static state, the string force will be insufficient or empty, so that the IWC Replica Watches can not walk, or even stop.

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